Our Company although recently established, looks back on decades of experience gained both from the technological aspect, for specificity 'of knowledge in the field of industrial design and manufacturing, and in the production. For years, we take care of Reverse Engeneering, ever since mechanical probes were employed in contact.

Over the years these techniques have been increasingly improved, evolved systems and major software and is the past and so to digital scanning systems more complex and more performance by removing limits of space and time than allowing results that years ago were unthinkable. To date for our scans we are able to offer scans with tolerances up to 0.05% accuracy compared to the object scanned. We have no limits of space and we can scan directly on-site at the 







In recent years, in addition to the classical scanning methods we are dedicated to Close Range Photogrammetry (Photogrammetry "the neighbors") objects. Widely used for the detection of distances from 1m to 30m, with bases stereometric from 0,30m, 1,20m and beyond. This new discipline has allowed us to expand our areas of application.

We upgraded to operate not only on reconstructions of mechanical componeti or design but we looked at studies for urban development of brownfield sites or retrained, structural surveys and creating 3D models of buildings and infrastructure, anthropological and animal studies, criminal investigations , artistic restoration of sculptures and monuments, relief of traffic accidents, high-precision measurements in the workshop, etc.

Despite this, the sector to which we come out more specifically and to the study of industrial products and, specifically, the design used in the automotive industry, motorcycle, marine in the racing sector such settori.Atteraverso remote sensing (remote sensing, discipline technical-scientific with diagnostic and investigative purposes) we are able to extract information, qualitative and quantitative, on the environment and on objects at a distance from a sensor by means of electromagnetic radiation measurements (emitted, reflected or transmitted) that interacts with the physical surfaces of interesse.Esso uses photos or numeric data detected by aircraft, satellites, drones or UAVs type space probes to characterize the surface of an object in its parameters of interest (in this case we speak of environmental monitoring) with applications in both the civil and military. It belongs therefore to the broader subject area of ​​the so-called area of ​​"geo" even though it may be included systems and satellite remote sensing techniques.

This discipline allows us to reconstruct everything that surrounds us. We can provide a mathematical model malleable, measurable and changeable (through CAD systems) to our liking. We have no size limitations, space or location. To realize the countless applications and possibilities that we offer please visit the pages relating to the areas of application and case studies carried out by our staff.


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